The Aquabear Invitational Gala 26th – 29th September 2019

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Nina Smith and Ceri Bezuidenhout on their way to compete in the
FINA World Aquatic Championships
in Budapest Hungary.
Moira Norden is accompanying them as the coach.


Aquabear attempts to teach, train and encourage youngsters to achieve their ultimate potential in swimming, in the belief that this experience will prove valuable to them as they grow and develop.

The Aquabear program strives to instil in its swimmers an understanding of and an appreciation of such concepts as high self esteem,  personal accountability, constructive self motivation, goal setting and goal achievement as these ideas relate to their success in training and competition.

It is our belief that the process of achieving is as significant as realising the achievement itself. Each level of the program is designed with the conviction that every swimmer will achieve his/her full potential in senior swimming.

Thus, the philosophy is consistant throughout the program and every AQUABEAR swimmer, novice to champion is encouraged to…

The Aquabear program is concerned with guiding and directing individuals toward maximum use of their talents and abilities

Be The Best You Can Be

Team Objectives: The Aquabear Swim Club provides a year round competitive program for all team members. Aquabear coaches, parents and swimmers share in and contribute to our major team objectives, which are to…

Provide quality coaching, training and competition for all team members.
Motivate all team members to realize their full potential in the sport of swimming.
Develop life skills such as self discipline and self confidence as well as learning to communicate, setting goals and to  showing good sportsmanship.
Provide opportunities to grow emotionally, socially and educationally through consistent training, competition and travel.

Swimming Builds Friendships That Last a Lifetime

Club History: The history of the Aquabear Swimming Club reflects how ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary achievements.

Although the Aquabear Club is a rename in 1972 from the old P.A Park and F.M.C. Swimming clubs, the current Aquabear Squad was formed in 1971 by coach Brian Elliot. Swimmers from the new AQUABEAR squad trained outdoors, year-round, until 1974 when coach Elliot built the Pickering St. indoor pool. This success-oriented determination continues to be the foundation upon which the AQUABEAR program operates today.

At all levels AQUABEAR swimmers have made a major impact in Eastern Province Swimming, as well as, significant breakthroughs nationally.AQUABEAR swimmers have achieved numerous Junior and Senior National Champions and Record Holders. AQUABEAR success in Senior swimming reflects the strength of its Progressive Age Group training program. AQUABEAR swimmers have achieved numerous National age Group 25 Times rankings. At the local level AQUABEAR swimmers have broken Provincial records in every age roup and every stroke.

The past forty years have shown that through dedication, determination, and hard work, the opportunity to achieve the highest level of success in competitive swimming is available to any team members willing to pay the price…